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A Tale of Two Oranges

May 28, 2020

Pretend your entire net worth, that you have worked your whole life to accumulate, is represented by an orange. This includes your business, personal savings, investments accounts, possessions, properties, etc.

When all is said and done the IRS is expecting to take a slice of your orange. The slice they take serves as an estate tax or “success tax” and it could be between 40-50% of your orange. And the IRS is not just going to take any old slice. Rather they are going to find your best assets and squeeze the juice or liquidity out of your orange to pay this tax.

You worked so hard to build this net worth. Wouldn’t you like to choose who gets the “juice” from your orange? Without proper estate planning you may lose a lot of your hard-earned assets and your family may suffer.

We can help you build and structure a solution that will help you keep your hard-earned assets within your family. You deserve and have earned this piece of mind after struggling and working hard your whole life to build this legacy. Do not let the IRS take all the juice from your orange!