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Welcome to the Back Nine…Will They be the Best Nine?

Welcome to the Back Nine…Will They be the Best Nine?

April 13, 2021

Life is like 18 holes of golf, on the front 9 you accumulate wealth and on the back nine you take it out…..and just because you had a good front 9; it does not guarantee you a good round of golf! The back nine could prove to be much more difficult to navigate because the rules are different, the hazards become more treacherous, the time frame is uncertain, and you need a paycheck that will keep pace with inflation and rising health care costs. This also is not your parent's retirement where corporate pensions were the norm; you must accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to manage your assets during the 2nd half of your life and you will need guidance to navigate the back nine successfully in an era of market volatility.


  • Accumulate Assets
  • Fulltime work
  • Receive a paycheck
  • Specified Timeline (Goal)
  • Employer Health Care
  • Flexible Investment Strategy
  • Volatility is your friend (DCA+)


  • Distribution of Assets
  • Uncertain work status
  • Create a paycheck
  • Uncertain Timeline
  • Uncertain Health Care Issues
  • Uncertain Investment Climate
  • Volatility is your Enemy (SWP*)


  • Longevity risk – Outliving your money
  • Withdrawal risk – Taking out too much
  • Health Care risk – The great unknown
  • Inflation risk – Preserving purchasing power
  • Sequence of returns risk – Negative returns in the early retirement years
  • Emotional risk – Managing fear and greed

Our mission is to partner with you and provide the process as well as the tools to help you play the back nine successfully. The 3 primary rules for the back nine:

  1. Keep what you’ve got – preservation of principal.
  2. Create inflation adjusted lifetime paycheck – to preserve purchasing power.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – diversify among assets and institutions

Tips from the Pro:

  • Requires a sensible well thought out strategy (PROCESS)
  • Knowledge that once you begin, things will change (FLEXIBLE)
  • You cannot go it alone (NEED A COACH/CADDIE)

Download the Back Nine One Pager here.

For more information or an appointment, contact: Vijay Khetarpal, President & CEO | Integrity Financial Group, LLC | (703)287-7140 |

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