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Annuities are designed to meet long-term goals such as retirement and the earnings typically accumulate tax deferred.

401(k) Information Request 

By far the most common employer-sponsored retirement plan is the 401(k) plan. 
The 401(k) plan is a defined contribution plan. It allows employees to make pre-tax contributions, and the funds contributed plus any earnings accumulate tax deferred. 


Life Insurance Insurance: 

The primary purpose of life insurance is to protect your dependents financially in the event of your death. Properly positioned, the benefit from a life insurance policy can provide a steady stream of income for your family. It can also provide liquid capital to pay estate taxes and other obligations. 

Long-Term Care Insurance: 

One of the greatest potential risks faced by America's elderly is the need for long-term care. Long-term care insurance transfers a portion of the risk of long-term care expenses to an insurance company helping to protect you and your family from potentially devastating expenses.

Disability Income Insurance: 

Disability insurance helps replace income lost because of an accident or illness. One survey found that 43% of people aged 40 will suffer a disability of at least 90 days before they reach age 65.1

1. 2000 Field Guide, National Underwriter

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